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Flaming Pines was very proud to be involved in the release of the Absence compilation of experimental ambient music by Iranian artists curated by Arash Akbari.


Recently Australian magazine Cyclic Defrost published a 'survey' of Iranian music  in light of this release by Australian academic Tony Mitchell which, among other things, argued the pieces on Absence had few 'Iranian characteristics' and criticised it for being insufficiently political.


Despite Cyclic Defrost being invited to interview the artists involved in Absence this survey included no interviews with any of the artists, or the compilations curator Arash Akbari, nor were any of these artists invited to respond to the claims made in the piece.


This decision and the piece itself angered many artists involved in Absence. Siavash Amini, one of the artists involved, has written a response to this article which can be found here.


Flaming Pines has also written to the magazine to express our disappointment in the piece itself, and the editorial decision of Cyclic Defrost not to offer space to the artists involved. The label strongly supports Siavash in his decision to put forward his criticisms of both the article and the magazine's failure to give room to the voices and stories of the artists involved in this important release.



Please read Siavash's response.